Biodiversity Tours

Coleambally is fortunate to be home to a wide range of important vegetation and native species. As home to some of the unique Australian plants and animals that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, Coleambally Irrigation Co-operative Limited (CICL) is committed to helping to protect our local environment.

CICL works closely with the community to improve the security of our biodiversity including initiatives to protect species that have become threatened or endangered.

Flora and fauna that have become endangered elsewhere have developed well in Coleambally Irrigation District including well-known species such as the Superb Parrot, the Southern Bell Frog and more recently the Australasian Bittern.

CICL is involved with three direct environmental initiatives to protect our local environment and preserve threatened species. These projects involve working with our irrigators to support farming and wildlife conservation.

To ensure that our flora and fauna species can be enjoyed by future generations, CICL also manages 1,200ha of Crown land as the Coleambally Irrigation Biodiversity Reserve Trust. This Crown land was created as a reserve for environmental protection and includes 8 separate blocks, primarily north of the Coleambally township.

For free wildlife and wetland tours of the Coleambally Irrigation Biodiversity Reserves please phone 02 6954 4003.
Southern Bell Frog